Heraeus Labofuge 300

1174.00 ex vat

(Including Rotor, Cups and Adapters)

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 centrifugation of blood collection tubes in wards, practices and small hospitals
 preparation of “gel tubes” for virus testing
 separation of cells and crystalline precipitates

Ideal for virus testing

The Labofuge® 300 is particularly suited to diagnostics and therapy of viral diseases (HIV, hepatitis). In the field of virus testing, tubes with a gel barrier (“gel tubes”) are increasingly used. Immediately after a blood sample has been taken, these tubes must be spun. With gel tubes, blood plasma is separated from red blood cells by a layer of gel after centrifugation. The gel layer prevents mixing and resultant decomposition of viruses. The tubes can be stored or transported to a laboratory for virus testing. Centrifuges with fixed angle rotors are unsuitable for gel tubes, according to tube

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Ideal for remote laboratories and doctors labs where gel tubes are used. If the serum is left in contact with red cells it will eventually produce erroneously high Potassium results. The Labofuge® 300 is a small medical centrifuge with swing-out rotor system. A rotor with buckets for tubes up to a volume of 15 ml is included in the price.

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