Sorvall Legend Range

Features and Benefits:

• Fast Track Sample Throughput

- The Sorvall Legend can spin up to 80 tubes per hour at 80% higher speeds than competitive general purpose centrifuges for over twice the throughput

• Modular, Ergonomic Equipment Design
- Easy to read display panels and intuitive controls with your choice of EASYset™ soft-touch keypad or QUIKset™ rotary switch control. The low height of the Multifuge 3 at just 12.4 inches makes rotor loading and unloading easier than ever.

• Safe Operation for you and you sample with SMARTspin™

- The SMARTspin™ Imbalance Detection System provides optimum run stability for all rotors at all speeds and allows for eye balancing of sample tubes

• Wide Range of rotors for every application
- Rotors for every application makes the Sorvall Legend the flexible choice. Process three liters of sample in the 4 x 750mL rotor's round buckets - then change to rectangular buckets which can accomodate twice as many tubes as previous models. Sorvall Legend rotors offer outstanding capacity and high RCFs for tissue culture, virological tests, DNA/protein precipitations, and more!

Max. speed
15.000 rpm

Max. RCF
21.885 x g

Max. capacity
3 litre


Tel: 01908 612598 Fax: 01908 217974

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