PK120 Ventilated version (Cool Working System)
Maximum capacity: 760 ml (4 x 190 ml)

PK120R Refrigerated version (CFC-free)
Maximum capacity: 760 ml (4 x 190 ml)

Ideal for research and routine applications, the ALC PK (0) series centrifuges are a new generation of technologically advanced, compact equipment. These centrifuges are available in two different capacities, each with both ventilated and refrigerated models.

The units are manufactured with advanced features such as a CFC-free refrigeration system, a brushless induction motor and accessories certified for biological safety.

- Max. speed: 6.000 rpm
- Max. RCF at Tip: 4.507 xg
- Max. allowable capacity: 4x190 ml
- Brushless induction drive motor
- Microprocessor controlled
- 5 memory programs with protection LOCK PROG
- 5 acceleration profile
- 5 deceleration profile
- CWS (PK120) - CFC e HCFC (PK120R) refrigeration system

Swing-out rotating equipment
- capacity: 4x190 ml (28x15 ml) with certified sealed cap and cytology accessories
- capacity: 6 microplates with sealed containers

Fixed angle rotating equipment
- capacity: 6x50 ml conical tube
- capacity: 30x15 ml

Microvolumes rotating equipment
- capacity: 20x2/1.5 ml

Biological safety of tubes and microplates is assured by sealed accessories certified by CAMR of Porton Down ( Harper test, Standard IEC 1010-2-020).


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