Hettich Rotolavit Cellwasher

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Before every blood transfusion, specialists in transfusion centres verify whether the donor and receiver are compatible. In order to execute this cross-matching, the erythrocytes must be absolutely free of plasma residue. This is why it is recommended to call in ROTOLAVIT to join the expert team.

Its washing cycles are carried out automatically and with the highest level of accuracy. At a low speed, it fills the 12 or 24 tubes equally (controlled via flowthrough) with a preprogrammed quantity of saline solution. Following centrifugation , it decants the supernatant and resuspends the sediment. As soon as the last washing cycle is completed, the anti-human globulin (Coombs) serum is added manually, before the final centrifugation for agglutination takes place.


The washing process is carried out automatically.
The washing cycles can be programmed. Up to 9
washing cycles may be sequenced.

A washing cycle includes the following steps:
1. Filling the saline solution at low speed
2. Centrifuging at (usually) 3,500 min -1
3. Decanting the supernatant at low speed
4. Resuspending the sediment (between cycles only)

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