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SORVALL LEGEND MACH 1.6, with 1.6 litre capacity, this is the latest model in the Legend Series from SORVALL.
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New and reconditioned centrifuges available from hire.
Contracts.from £25 P/W

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Sartorius BBI CERTOMAT® laboratory shakers .

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SORVALL LEGEND T, centrifuge has a brushless induction motor, a high capacity 4 x 750ml, up to 76 standard 5 / 7ml blood tubes per spin.

HETTICH ROTANTA 460 centrifuge has a brushless induction motor, a high capacity 4 x 750ml, up to108 standard 5 / 7ml blood tubes per run.

HETTICH MIKRO 200 / 200R is a 24 place micro centrifuge, speeds up to 14000RPM, cooled version available.

ALC PK120 programmable centrifuge has a brushless induction motor, Swing out rotor (4x190ml) (28 standard 5/7ml blood tubes per spin)

HETTICH EBA 20 is the perfect centrifuge for on call work or a doctor's lab.

Reconditioned Centrifuges

DJB Labcare has an large stock of reconditioned centrifuges for purchase, or if you prefer, hire over a short term contract. All our centrifuges are fully reconditioned and Electrically Safety Tested.

Reconditioned Centrifuges

Preventive Maintenance

Our engineers have extensive experience in the maintenance of all laboratory centrifuges. We care about the quality of our work and always put safety first. Many of our customers prefer dealing with just one company for the following reason:
We look objectively at all centrifuge manufacturers, If you are unsure which centrifuge you require fill in our quick quote form and leave the rest to us.

HERAEUS BIOFUGE PICO is a very quiet 24 place micro centrifuge with 2 year warranty

HETTICH EBA 21 is the the perfect Dade Immufuge replacement, it will spin 12 blood tubes per spin and time in seconds.

LABOFUGE 400R, 2 year warranty. Refrigerated centrifuge capacity 4 x 180ml, 28 blood tubes per run. Includes rotor, cups, sealing lids and adapters. Quote INT29 Internet Only

DJB Labcare
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HETTICH ROTOLAVIT CELLWASHER automatically spins 24 tubes through up to 9 wash cycles, removing plasma residue.

HETTICH MIKRO 22 / 22R is a 24 place micro centrifuge, speeds up to 18000RPM / 31,000 xg

Chlamydia Screening

HIGH VOLUME SCREENING we have worked with our customers to provide specific tube adapters for their application

Internet only offer now only quote INT20

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HERAEUS LABOFUGE 300, has a 8 place swing out ( 90°) rotor for even gel tube separation.