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Dade DACII Cellwashers

Dade DAC II automatic centrifuge also know as the Dade DAC II automatic cell washer. The blood bank centrifuge of CHOICE!

The Dade automatic centrifuge is a laboratory bench-top multipurpose instrument to perform cell washing and immunohematology procedures including cell re-suspension. This extremely reliable, robust instrument provides fast wash cycle capability. It is easily programmable to perform 1, 2, 3, 4, or five wash cycles per test sequence.

Each cycle consists of pro­grammed saline introduction and subsequent decanting during centrifugal rotation. The system provides a saline monitoring feature to warn the operator when saline is not being delivered. The centrifuge incorporates variable spin times for several different types of centrifuge operation. Decant RPM is operator adjustable to give more than 0.1 mL residuals if desired.

An agitation cycle resuspends cells for approximately 5 seconds and then spins the celIs for 20 seconds before completion of the cycle. The agitate time, as well as spin after agitate time, is operator-programmable. The front control panel contains a vacuum fluorescent display of RPM functions and time which allows the operator to continually monitor the status of instrument operation.

Either l0 x 75mm or 12 x 75mm glass test tubes can be used in the rotor. Use of a 10 mm adapter in each tube carrier is required for 10 x 75 mm test tubes

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